FDP - Foundry Discovery Protocol

January 21, 2011

If you are familiar with CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol), then FDP from Brocade is just as the same.

FDP allows each Foundry/Brocade devices to advertise themselves to MAC Address 01-E0-52-CC-CC-CC. FDP packets contain information such as hostname/device ID, software version, product platform and capability, vlan and layer 3 protocol address of the port sending the update.

FDP can be enabled both globally by issuing in configuration

[email protected](config)#fdp run

or simply by enabling it on a specific interface

[email protected](config-if-e1000-2/1)#fdp enable

After enabling FDP, you may preview the results by issuing commands such as

[email protected]#show fdp neighbors
Capability Codes: R - Router, T - Trans Bridge, B - Source Route Bridge
S - Switch, H - Host, I - IGMP, r - Repeater
(*) indicates a CDP device

Device ID      Local Int    Holdtm Capability Platform    Port ID
-------------- ------------ ------ ---------- ----------- -------------
sw2- ethernet1/4   174    Router     BigIron RX- ethernet1/4

[email protected]#sh fdp neighbors detail
Device ID: sw2
configured as tag-type8100
Entry address(es):
IP address: xxxxxxxx
IP address: xxxxxxxx
IP address: xxxxxxxx
Platform: BigIron RX-4 Router,  Capabilities: Router
Interface: ethernet1/4
Port ID (outgoing port): ethernet1/4 is dual-mode with default traffic vlan x in following VLAN(s):
xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx
Holdtime : 129 seconds
Version :
Foundry Networks, Inc. BigIron RX, IronWare Version [hidden for security reasons]*

[email protected]#sh fdp traffic
CDP/FDP counters:
Total packets output: 624, Input: 25
Hdr syntax: 0, Chksum error: 0, Encaps failed: 0
No memory: 0, Invalid packet: 0, Fragmented: 0
Internal errors: 0

###CDP and FDP###

Foundry/Brocade Devices can also intercept and interpret CDP packets of version 1 and 2. To achieve this, you simply need to enable “cdp” either globally or per interface as with FDP.

[email protected](config)#cdp run


[email protected](config-if-e1000-2/1)#cdp enable

It is now important to keep in mind that a brocade device will drop a CDP packet when in “interception mode” after read the CDP packet’s information fields. That is, you may want to disable it if you have Cisco devices chaining up to Foundry/Brocade switches.