firefox-pwgen 0.4.5 released

June 20, 2010

Hello there!

I know… it has been a long time since the last release and I know, many of you were awaiting for the bug fix identifed by Armin Juhlke  - I was able finally today to put some time aside and look at it - here is the new release….

This release includes some bug fixes and had underwent a medium code cleanup from the 0.4 branch including some XUL improvements and a new feature added.

Here is the raw changeLog

  1. Bug reported by Armin Juhlke “The digit 0 is not excluded from generated password when specified in the list of excludec characters”
  1. Feature added - Password History added for current session.The user is now able to select whether or not they want to keep a history of the generated passwords… those passwords are not “saved” and only exist in memory; the user can then clean the buffer. That being said, the logged passwords do not survive a firefox restart.

  2. JS Preference Code Cleanup - Optimization in metadata table

  3. XUL Interface + CSS major improvements

  4. Added support for Firefox 3.7a6pre

The addon was just uploaded, thus is available through - Once it has been reviewed by Firefox AMO Editors, it will then be available on the addon’s main page.