Cisco IOS Tips - cache running-configuration

October 14, 2009

This is probably one of the most ignored and forgotten feature of IOS since 12.2(25)S and 12.2(27)SBC.

I am positing it  here as I never stopped coming across routers and switches with this feature not active. Please note you need to enough memory,to use this feature; that is to say, the available space in memory to hold a copy of the interfaces configuration.

As you may guess, a router or switch with a monstrous configuration, can take a while to display the running configuration when issuing

edge1#sh run

as it needs to fetch all the configuration from various places in memory.

Quoting Cisco

When invoked, NVGEN queries each system component and each instance of interface or other configuration objects. A running configuration file is constructed as NVGEN traverses the system performing these queries.

To speed things up, IOS ships in with a feature called Configuration Generation Performance Enhancement , which caches the interfaces configurations, which in return speed up NVGEN.

Activate caching with

edge1(config)#parser config cache interface

and voilà.